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Characteristics of a Goldendoodle


The size of the Goldendoodle depends on its parentage. It is difficult for a hybrid litter to breed "true;" that is, it is difficult to know exactly what size a Goldendoodle will grow to as an adult, regardless of parental size.


The parent breeds are Golden retriever and Standard Poodle. A standard Goldendoodle is the result of crossbreeding with a standard-sized Poodle. Most fall with the ranges listed below, although some have been said to grow to over 100 pounds!

Height:  Males 21"-29", Females 20"-25"
Weight: Males 55-90 lbs, Females 45-65 lbs


The parent breeds are Golden Retriever and Miniature or Toy Poodle. The number of puppies in each litter at this size is smaller, and there can be a large difference in size of the pups.

Height:  13" - 21" tall
Weight:  25 - 45 lbs

Other Attributes

Coat Maintenance:

Moderate to high care.


Goldendoodles can have different colors depending on the poodle genes passed onto the pup. Goldendoodles can be white, blonde, tan, cafe, chocolate, red, black, silver, or a mix. As with any breeding, a mix of different colors can easily come from the same litter.

Coat Description:

Coat continues to grow in length. Coats may be wavy or curly.


Mostly are low- to non-shed, but this will vary from dog-to-dog. Backcross breeds (F1B) are less likely to shed.

Allergy Friendliness:

Recommended for individuals and families with moderate to severe allergies.


The traits of intelligence and obedience make Goldendoodles an ideal family pet. They exemplify the retriever friendliness  and they are devoted to their family. They are friendly towards children, other dogs and pets. Because Goldendoodles are so socially oriented, they enjoy spending time with people as well as other dogs – otherwise they might get into mischief if they are frequently left alone. They are popular because they train easily, due to their intelligence and pleasing nature. They are medium-to large sized family dogs with easy dispositions.
The Goldendoodle has a keen sense of smell. They can be taught to enjoy swimming, as both the retriever and Poodle elements of their heritage normally enjoy water.  They love to play, and retain the strong retrieving instincts of the Golden Retriever.


There is currently no Goldendoodle registry. 99% of all Goldendoodles are desexed first generation hybrids or backcrosses and there is no need. (Be sure to read our adoption guidelines which address puppy alterations)

Golden Retriever

Assigned to the Sporting Group, the Golden Retriever was bred to “retrieve” wild birds and fowls on land as well as in water, in areas like England and Scotland. Because retrievers are so teachable and willing to please, they have also become popular for several other uses, including rescue work, agility work, and as service dogs for the handicapped. They are outgoing and devoted companions to all sorts of people, happy and trusting.

The Golden Retrievers coat is a "double coat" with a thick weather-proof topcoat and a dense, soft undercoat - this if often inherited by the Goldendoodle hybrid.


The original Poodles were water dogs used for retrieving. Their conformation and the texture and pattern of their coats reflect the purposes for which they were bred. Poodles are athletic, active, intelligent, ruggedly-built dogs which also carrying themselves with a sense of elegance and refinement. They bond well with families.

Poodles have hair instead of fur, they do not shed and are also wonderful pets for people with asthma or allergies. Well-bred Poodles have steady, calm nerves, hardy constitutions and can be easily trained.

When you take the traits of a Golden Retriever and cross them with those of a Poodle, the resulting dog is likely to be faithful, intelligent, loyal, energetic, fun and full of life. Easy to train and exceptionally smart, the Goldendoodle is an ideal choice for a family companion or a highly-skilled service dog.

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San Diego Goldendoodles

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