San Diego Goldendoodles

Puppy Application

We interview all prospective clients via our Online Puppy Application (below) so that we may assist you when choosing your new family member. When your new puppy is ready to go home (8 wks old), you will receive:

  • A puppy with first vaccinations completed
  • A puppy that has been de-wormed as directed by licensed veterinarian
  • A written vaccination record
  • A starter package of puppy food that your puppy has been eating
  • An airline approved health certification from a licensed veterinarian
    (provided only if we are shipping your puppy)

Current puppy availability.

You have the opportunity to have your own veterinarian examine your new puppy within 4 days after taking him or her home and if any significant health condition was found to be wrong with your new puppy that existed on or before delivery, then you would be entitled to a replacement or refund.

We extend our replacement guarantee against significant hereditary conditions for a period up to 2 years of age. A veterinarian's certification would be required for any guarantee claims.

We do require that all puppies be spayed or neutered when they are "of age" (six months is recommended). This is necessary to maintain the integrity of this hybrid breed and is also a sign of responsible pet ownership. We do not support early alterations (often done at 6-8 weeks), so we ask those who purchase the puppies to respect this choice and follow up with the alteration when the puppy is six months old. Failure to complete this process will result in a complete invalidation of all warranties and certifications.



We reserve the right to refund your deposit and cancel the purchase agreement at any time at our discretion.


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San Diego Goldendoodles

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