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PRIOR Litter Updates and Photos
This is the place where you get to look back on some of our prior litters.

This was our litter of 4 puppies, Zoe's first litter born in 2014. They were all black at birth, but by six months, some had developed some brown and a bit of gray, but still mostly black.
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Here's our precious litter of seven F1B Goldendoodle puppies. They were just under 8-weeks old.
Marley Sally Tucker Benson Kody Aslan Harley

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Toby (Lovingly known as "Tubby Toby")

Black GoldendoodleDoodles in San DiegoToby was always the easy-going one of the litter; a little pudgy since birth, but sweet and lovable as they come. 

Toby was one of four puppies born in Zoe's first litter in 2014. He and his 3 siblings have stayed in touch and even got together for a six-month reunion AND to celebrate their first birthday at a dog park in the area. Check out more photos on the Facebook page.      



Tucker was the first-born and first-selected. He stayed in the San Diego area and became a "regular" at the Sophia Hotel in San Diego (a pet-friendly hotel in the Downtown area).

He's a favorite at his doggie-day-care center. He's fun-loving and everyone that sees him stops us to ask what kind of dog he is and just have to take time to pet and love him. He's completed extensive training and became a stunning example of a Goldendoodle. He goes to work with "dad" about 4 days a week and does just great hanging out at the office. He goes to a groomer for a bath and brush weekly just to keep him looking and smelling nice. "We leave his fur longer as we really like that look."


Aslan moved to the Northern region of San Diego, joining a family with a boy and a girl to keep him busy. He began as one of the most quiet and relaxed puppies in the bunch, but quickly grew into an active little boy!


"We've taken him to the groomer and we prefer the "clean cut" look; a bit leaner and neater. The nice thing with doodles is that you can have many different looks, just let it grow out, cut it, style it. Aslan loves getting his hair cut, he seems to like being lighter."


Sweet Sally stayed in Alpine, California, (just East of San Diego). She was consistently a favorite due to her gentle features and precious smile. If the truth be told, she learned very well how to defend herself in a litter surrounded by six boys!




Benson moved to Denver, Colorado. Although there were concerns that he might be lonely, being so far from his "birth family," he joined a family with two he has new brothers that he'll be playing with for years to come.

As much as everyone loved his long coat, the poor guy couldn't see where he was going! 
Here's his "pre- and post-haircut" photos:



Harley headed out to Corona, California (East of Los Angeles, part of the "Inland Empire"). Harley was the lightest color and, when he went to be with his new family, was by far the curliest of the litter.

"Harley is doing so great and is so super well behaved and has become my shadow. He sleeps through the night from around 11 until 6.30 whe
n he lets us know he needs to go out. He is a big sleeper and eater and is definitely not a hyper dog at all. Harley absolutely loves the outdoors! He plays great with his two "siblings," the puppy pictured here and a kitten his same age."


Marley was known as "Mr Green" for the longest time. His new family was waiting to meet him before selecting just the right name to fit him and his personality. Marley was born with a fairly straight coat, but developed large, thick waves as weeks passed.

"He is such a joy and has settled into his new home quite nicely. He struts around like he has been here forever! Marley is clearly the smartest dog I have ever had! I wanted to thank you all again! I know that Marley’s first 8 weeks were critical in his development! He is an outstanding puppy who I know will be an amazing adult dog! As far as grooming, well, we like him long but it is a chore (we brush him out every evening). I trim around his eyes and have the groomer clip up his legs so he doesn't track in everything.


Loveable teddy bear Kody (descriptive of a Kodiak Bear) stayed in California, going up to the Ventura area. He was the little chubby guy in the litter, developing a thick, soft, fluffy coat. Cuddly and adorable - there's not a lot more to say about Kody. He could go into professional modeling as an example of a perfect little stuffed animal.

Kody has learned to ring the bell at the door when he needs to go out!

"He is such an affectionate dog and everyone loves him.  I took him for a Vet check today and he passed with flying colors. At the same time, he really hammed it up at the Vets office and everyone immediately fell in love with him. I have him in doggie day care twice a week, and they call him "Krazy Kody." He also loves mud and getting dirty. I haven't shaved him at all...I really like the way he looks with longer hair, so I've been clipping little bits of hair around his eyes only."


You have the opportunity to have your own veterinarian examine your new puppy within 4 days after taking him or her home and if any significant health condition was found to be wrong with your new puppy that existed on or before delivery, then you would be entitled to a replacement or refund.

We extend our replacement guarantee against significant hereditary conditions for a period up to 2 years of age. A veterinarian's certification would be required for any guarantee claims.

We do require that all puppies be spayed or neutered when they are "of age" (six months is recommended). This is necessary to maintain the integrity of this hybrid breed and is also a sign of responsible pet ownership. We do not support early alterations (often done at 6-8 weeks), so we ask those who purchase the puppies to respect this choice and follow up with the alteration when the puppy is six months old. Failure to complete this process will result in a complete invalidation of all warranties and certifications.

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