San Diego Goldendoodles

Our Dam - Zoe

Zoe was born in San Diego, California, in June 2011. She is a gorgeous standard Poodle, reflecting years of cautious breeding, committed to the purity of her line.

Zoe is AKC registered (certifying the absolute quality of her Poodle heritage). Her given name:
Zoelle Countryside Bloom.

Zoe is from the Countryside Poodle lineage. Her heritage has multiple generations of distinctive and stately Poodles, free of disease or genetic anomalies. Her parents were certified via DNA profile to be free from any genetic problems, and OFA pre-certified as having "Excellent Hip Joint Conformation."

Zoe is a beautiful black standard Poodle with the signature "blue skin" to show the intensity of her black coat. Zoe is 24" at the withers, and weighs 54 lbs, an excellent weight for a mid-sized standard Poodle.

Zoe loves people! She's become accustomed to taking all of the attention when she goes out. Whether she's visiting the local nursing home or spending time at the local coffee shop, she's a friend to everyone that she meets. Her disposition and intelligence make her an excellent family member...and mother-to-be.

Our Sire - Julius Max A Million ("Max")

We have selected a sire for Zoe from among numerous stunning candidates in the Southern California area. Our Sire comes from a warm, comfortable environment and is a very gentle, calm, and confident male. Julius Max A Million ("Max") is registered with the American Kennel Club and is a superb example of a Golden Retriever with traditional rich golden coloring. This combination of coloring in the parents adds an element of surprise; knowing that both the dominant and recessive genes could produce most any color in this litter, ranging from black to light tan Goldendoodle puppies! (His first litter with Zoe produced four black puppies, her second litter produced eleven black puppies...what will we have next time???)

Max was born in December 2007 and comes from a stunning line of golden retrievers. The integrity of his coloration is evident and consistent over the past THREE generations! He weighs just over 70 lbs and is 26" at the withers. His physical condition was declared to be "perfect" for his size and conformation, and he passed his annual physical with flying colors. His vet has performed appropriate xrays and tests, and has affirmed his overall outstanding health in everything from skin, to eyes, to bones. He's an ideal sire for Zoe's puppies. Above all, Max is a fine example of the gentle, loyal, and faithful temperament that is the distinguishing feature of the Golden Retriever breed.

We are fortunate to have Max for Zoe's litter and we are confident in the outstanding AKC registered lineage which both parents are bringing to the Goldendoodle puppies.


Our ORIGINAL Goldendoodle - Maggie

We cannot say enough about Maggie, our first Goldendoodle. Maggie was born in 2004 to a family in Northern Minnesota. We flew her out to Southern California in the middle of winter. She was a perfect little lady!  We committed to socializing her well, so she was very comfortable accompanying us on errands, trips, camping, beach visits, and just spending time with friends at the local Starbuck's coffee shop.

We wanted to extend this heritage and so Maggie gave us two litters of absolutely beautiful puppies. Unfortunately, in 2009, we lost Maggie to an unexpected incident when she ate a sock. Our dear vet did all that he could, be we lost our dear Maggie.

We love Goldendoodles and decided to breed them again. Since we REALLY don't like the shedding aspect of the Golden Retrievers, we opted to have the Poodle as the female that would live at our home. We brought home our adorable Zoe in 2011.


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San Diego Goldendoodles

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